The cover of Bone Box

The latest book, Bone Boxis currently in proofing stages. Here is the cover by illustrator and fellow author John Cowlin. (The type is Jessen Schrift, set by Sarah Koz.)

Cover of Bone Box by Jay Amberg

John is the illustrator and author of Monster City, published in 2013 by Amika Press. I’m happy to have worked with him on this new cover. What do you think of the design?


12 thoughts on “The cover of Bone Box

  1. Hi Jay –

    The color choice and initial simplicity catch my eye, and this is reinforced by the clarity of the text. At first I didn’t notice the background images, but the longer I looked the more I saw. This suggested surprises to come and appealed to me as a reader. The question may be whether or not the background images would be overlooked, as they really say the most about what the book is about from what I gather from the description. I like the bones, but I wonder if anyone will think from the representation as a crucifix that the book is religious?

    Overall I like it a lot, but I’m just pointing out the above to be sure it sends the message you want to send.

    Pat Camalliere (Mystery at Sag Bridge)


  2. Hi Jay,

    I’m a graphic designer and friend of Ruth’s.

    This cover is nice, but I am wondering if perhaps it might benefit from having additional layers of imagery added to give it some depth?

    The book description and the title make me want to know what a bone box looks like, maybe a hint of a box is hidden somewhere in the image? If the story takes place in Turkey, maybe some graphics or images that allude to the area could be used (mosaics and intricate stone carvings come to mind). What about using Aramaic letters/symbols that allude to clues in the story? The running figure is fine and could still be used with all the other elements, but perhaps he/she is at a smaller scale? The cross made of bone is rather graphic, perhaps you could use photos to create this symbol to give it some dimension and make it look more worn, weathered, and ancient?

    Not sure if these notes are at all helpful, but those are a few of my initial thoughts. Best of luck on your book!

    Deirdre Jennings


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