Just Reviews, Bone Box

Bone Box has been acclaimed by Fran Lewis of Just Reviews: “…will mystify, entrance, enthrall and captive readers.” You can read the full review here. Thank you so much, Fran.

Just Reviews

The Bone Box: Jay Amberg

Within this novel there are many conflicts not just the one faced by archeologist Sophia Altay. Altay finds with the help of her assistants an ossuary that within it has relics and documents that date back to early Christianity and could change our understanding if what is written on these documents is revealed. But, as the story opens Joe Travers is being sent to assess the dig, find out what is really happening there and possibly be told to terminate Sophia’s reign as director of the dig. The search for the contents of the ossuary, which was hidden by her assistant, sets the tone for this novel. Abrahim her assistant follows her every guideline and what is uncovered would change his life and others too.

The author describes each scene in a very different manner as the reader can feel the heat, the warmth, and…

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