Blog Tour: Day 4

There are Bone Box giveaways today at Raven Haired Girl and Mythical Books. I was also interviewed by Mythical Books:

Q: History, religion, politics, conspiracy, adventure, even love they are all good ingredients for a mystery/thriller story, but how can they be mixed in order to obtain a great story?

A; The characters and the setting, the time and place of the story, stir the mixture of history, religion, politics, adventure, and love. I originally went to Turkey thinking that a third to half of Bone Box would be set there. But standing on Ayasuluk Hill, I could see remnants of much of Western religious and political history—a Selcuk Turk citadel, the ruins of a Christian cathedral, a mosque, the Temple of Artemis, the ancient city of Ephesus, and the Aegean Sea. It’s all right there.

Cappadocia was a revelation as well and, as I came to understand, the perfect place for all of the elements of the story to play out. The stark natural beauty of the tufa spires combined with the religious and political history of the now vanished cave dwellers to provide a terrific backdrop for the story’s final scenes.

Read the entire interview here. I would love to hear what you think.


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