Windy City Reviews, Bone Box

Ed Sarna of Windy City Reviews has written about Bone Box:

The cast of characters is well developed and nuanced. Our perception of who is good and who is not changes over the course of the book. Just as we think we understand what is going on, the plot twists and we have to question our original assumptions. Along with the fast moving plot and well-defined characters, the locations become another integral part of the story. On one hand, the nicely detailed descriptions of the cities and the countryside made me feel as if I were travelling well-trodden ground. On the other hand, there is also the feeling that we are strangers in a land with its own rules, rules that often make no sense. Foreboding builds and we are never really sure whom to trust, which adds to the anxiety level. Surprises continue all the way through to the end, but even then, we are left contemplating what just occurred and what may follow.

Read the full review here. What do you think?



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