Buried Under Books review

Lelia Taylor of Buried Under Books has reviewed Bone Box

“Joe Travers and Sophia Altay are both appealing characters and she, in particular, is very believable in her role as an archaeologist who has a passion for her work. It’s also apparent that the author has done his research about the profession and that lends validity. Both Joe and Sophia have personal baggage, naturally, but neither is overwhelmed by it and Joe is an especially sympathetic player because of his background. And then there’s a young man named Abrahim who is caught up in things far beyond his control and he is at the core of much of the tale.

The other thing that I really did enjoy is the journey through Turkey, a country that has always fascinated me with its rich past and its modern-day culture. I’ve never had the chance to go there but reading Bone Box gave me a nice taste of this amazing place. In fact, it makes me want to visit even more and I thank Mr. Amberg for that.…

“I recommend it to all readers who like the religious theme but also, like me, appreciate all those attributes of an exciting thriller, things like action, chills, personal connections, worldwide travel and a cracking good mystery.”

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