Bless Their Hearts Mom review

Thursday’s tour stop is a review at Bless Their Hearts Mom:

“This book is very timely, as many of topics touched on in the book could be set in present day. The book really gets you to start thinking about what WOULD happen if a bone box of Jesus was truly found. Would it truly upset the foundation of Christian faith, and set the world asunder or not?

“This book really puts you right into the middle of everything that is going on. Amberg is brilliant at getting the reader to feel as if they are right there with the characters, taking part in the activities. When you have to stop reading, you may feel a bit disorientated for a few minutes, while you adjust back to reality, the feeling is so intense while reading! The book may leave you with more questions than answers about ‘what if’ happened today. Would we have people like Joseph and Sophia, or would greed and a quest for 15 minutes of fame, override common sense and sensibility? This is a thriller that asks some pretty important questions, so don’t miss it!”

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