Mary’s Cup of Tea review

Today, Bone Box has been reviewed by Mary Bearden of Mary’s Cup of Tea:

“This is a fast paced action filled book that takes you on a ride on how much people are dedicated to the profession of discovering lost worlds and civilizations from our past right here on Earth.

“They try to get as accurate an account of how people and animals lived in such an age where all lives were very perilous and it’s amazing that any of them did actually surprise. One of the last things that you need on your dig site is a conflict, especially when it involves a murder and cover-up.

“The Bone Box has a double meaning and trying to figure out that mystery will also keep some people safe in today’s world. If you love a story that is filled with action, violence and possibly a love interest all rolled into one, then you are going to love reading this book. It does not disappoint and you will be amazed at the lengths that some people will go to in order for them to get what they want!”

Click here for the complete post. Thank you once more to all the gracious hosts on the blog tour.


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