Readers’ Favorite reviews, The Healer’s Daughters

“Superb, strong and focused… Cleverly woven… Complex family dynamics… Brilliant twists… Recommend it to anyone who loves a gritty, powerful story.” —Lesley Jones

Three stellar reviews for The Healer’s Daughters, thanks to Readers’ Favorite. Get your book now on Amazon, Kindle and

“All the elements [of] a compelling thriller—international terrorism; a greedy, powerful and ruthless criminal family; a group of inept, corrupt and ‘bought’ government officials; a secret, elite, and clean anti-terror department of the government; and a principled, high-minded academic who will stop at nothing to ensure her country’s past and valuable heritage is preserved for the ages.” —Grant Leishman

“Drama, pressure, and tensions mount in a plot with great descriptive writing and scene setting.… A glimpse into different cultures, beliefs, and economies [and an] adventure filled with fear, danger, and discovery.” —K.J. Simmill

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