“Archeology is always a puzzle,” she says.…

Here’s a quick quote from Bone Box:

Bone Box by Jay Amberg

“Archeology is always a puzzle,” she says. “Sometimes the pieces fit together.” She stoops and shifts one of the shards slightly. “And once in a while you find something that changes the way you see the world.”

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Free Kindle book, Monster City by John Cowlin

Free on Kindle, today through November 1! Monster City: A Hardboiled Horror Mystery Kirkus Reviews says: Cowlin’s debut…stands out as a worthwhile read. The well-built, horror-inspired world of San Monstruo offers just the right balance of humor and creepiness to keep readers on the edges of their seats without being quite terrified. The novel shines the most […]

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Free on Kindle until 9/19, Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale

Today is Ruth Hull Chatlien’s birthday! In celebration, we’re giving away Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale for FREE on Kindle. Now’s your chance to read this exciting new historical Western. Kirkus Reviews says, “Chatlien…writes with nuanced sensitivity…and creates a fictional atmosphere of authenticity.” Download your free Kindle book here, now!

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Help get the word out for Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale

Ruth Hull Chatlien, author of the award-winning The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte, is running a Thunderclap campaign to promote her upcoming novel, Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale. Read more below, or on Ruth’s blog, and please consider joining to get the word out for this compelling new book.

The moment I heard about Sarah Wakefield’s experiences during the deadly Dakota War of 1862, I knew I had to tell her story. Because Sarah was unusually sympathetic to the Dakota people’s reasons for fighting, I wanted to use her as a bridge character to explore both sides of the conflict.

Now my fictionalized version of her ordeal is about to be published. Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale is coming out on June 14, 2017. I’m very proud of this novel because I think it illuminates an important episode in our country’s history.

Now I’m asking you to help me spread the word. Thunderclap is a crowdspeaking platform. It’s like Kickstart and Go Fund Me, except instead of asking people to donate money, it’s asking them to donate the use of their social media accounts for a one-time announcement.

To participate, all you have to do is to follow this link to the page for my campaign and agree to let Thunderclap post my advertising message to your social media accounts.

I have participated in Thunderclap campaigns for several friends, and I can assure you that it’s not only very simple to do, but Thunderclap will not post anything to your page except this one campaign you agree to take part in.

In short, participating in this campaign is a simple, almost effortless way to help a friend. Will you please sign up today?

Called Out: A novel of base ball and America in 1908, now on sale

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Amika Press congratulates our newest author, Floyd Sullivan, on the publication of his first novel. Called Out: A novel of base ball and America in 1908, is now on sale!

Cover art and design by Jeanne Sullivan Meissner and William Brese.

As 1907 becomes 1908, National Base Ball League President Harry Pulliam suspects that the owner of the New York Giants has hired detectives to spy on him and his lover, Ted Russell, with the goal of blackmailing him. The pressure tests the strength of his relationship and his ability to administer his league duties.

Lenore Caylor, Pulliam’s new stenographer, falls in love with him and becomes his staunchest champion as he fights to preserve the honor of professional base ball and the National League.…

Read more and buy now at Amazon and Amika Press. Also available on Kindle.

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Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale by Ruth Hull Chatlien now available for pre-order.

Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale, the riveting new novel by Ruth Hull Chatlien, is now available for pre-order. Southern Minnesota, August 1862. Smoke fills the horizon and blood soaks the prairie as the Sioux fight to drive white settlers from their ancestral homeland. Sarah Wakefield and her young son and baby daughter are fleeing for their […]

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Free story giveaway from Ruth Hull Chatlien

Ruth Hull Chatlien is giving away a free short story, “Robert Todd Lincoln’s Last Words”. All you have to do is sign up for her newsletter here: instafreebie.com/free/AIKYP In this fascinating story, “Abraham Lincoln’s oldest and only surviving son reviews the persistent rumors that his father’s ghost haunts the White House.” Ruth is the author of the […]

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