Free story giveaway from Ruth Hull Chatlien

Ruth Hull Chatlien is giving away a free short story, “Robert Todd Lincoln’s Last Words”. All you have to do is sign up for her newsletter here: In this fascinating story, “Abraham Lincoln’s oldest and only surviving son reviews the persistent rumors that his father’s ghost haunts the White House.” Ruth is the author of the […]

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Glenview Television interview

I was recently interviewed by Yvonne Wolf for Off the Shelf, on Glenview Television. You can watch the full interview below. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or on YouTube.

The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods now on sale — Amika Press News & Blog

The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods, Pat Camalliere’s second novel in the Cora Tozzi Historical Mystery Series, is now on sale from Amika Press. Wawetseka, a Potawatomi woman, is shocked when a body washes up near her village, but events soon turn worse: her only son is arrested for murder. To free him she must track […]

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Bone Box #1 Free in Kindle Store

Nearly 70,000 readers participated in the Bone Box free Kindle promotion. Over the holiday, the book was #1 in Kindle Store Thriller, Suspense, and Free Store overall. Thank you to BookBub and everyone involved. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading Bone Box this summer.

#1 in Kindle Store #1 in Kindle Store

Broken Girls, by Tess Ballis, now on sale

Broken Girls by Tess Ballis. Cover photography by Katherine Evans.

Broken Girls by Tess Ballis. Cover photography by Katherine Evans.

I recently worked with Tess Ballis, an aspiring new author, to edit and publish her first novel. You can find Broken Girls on Amazon now.

From the back cover:

I’m seven years old, and he has just done something bad. He has left me, and I stare at the stained sheets, too stunned to speak.

I’m nine years old, and I no longer wear pigtails because he loves innocence. It doesn’t stop him.

I’m twelve, and I scream for help. Make so much noise that the neighbors are bound to hear. He holds me down and teaches me not to scream.

Eden Wright’s parents have both verbally and physically abused her for years. Her best friend, Lacey, is facing problems of her own. When Lacey’s boyfriend commits a horrible act, it is all too familiar to something Eden has suffered herself. Desperate to escape the memories that have been haunting her, she has to face the frightening truth that she has spent her whole life trying to forget.

Tess handles this important topic with delicacy, honesty and hope. It is a novel worth reading. I hope you check it out.

Bone Box FREE on Kindle, July 3, 4 & 5

Bone Box by Jay Amberg. Cover photography by muratart and Vladyslav Danilin, Shutterstock.Bone Box is free on Kindle today, July 4th & 5th. Kirkus Reviews calls Bone Box a “…fast-paced thriller that follows in the footsteps of The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones.” Download and read now by clicking here.