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School Smarts

School Smarts

Here’s an invaluable desk reference with over 2,000 words students need to know for school. Alphabetically arranged entries answer such questions as “What does B.C. mean?” quickly and concisely. Resource is indexed and cross-referenced. Grades 5+

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The Study Skills Handbook coverThe Study Skills Handbook

The author’s experience with Boy’s Hope, a program for tutoring inner-city students, led to this easy-to-read summary of the key skills needed to “study smart.” First and foremost, advises the book: take control. Understand your strengths, establish a study spot, set goals, and plan your time. Subsequent chapters address managing time, improving memory, reading textbooks (a specialized skill!), listening effectively, taking useful notes, building vocabulary, taking objective tests, and writing essays. Grades 6–12.

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The Creative Writing Handbook coverThe Creative Writing Handbook

The Creative Writing Handbook is your personal tool for learning how to write narratives, short fiction, and poetry. Each self-contained unit provides the framework and materials needed to build a young writer’s skills including: sequential writing process; real writing samples from student writers; prewriting activities; clear drafting directions; editing and proofreading activities; excerpts and quotes from famous authors. Grades 4–8.

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Verbal Review and Workbook for the SAT coverVerbal Review and Workbook for the SAT

This book is a complete guide to preparing for the verbal part of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It includes practice tests, word lists, information charts, and test-taking strategies—all of the standard materials of test preparation guides.

Yet this book is unique in its approach to learning. Instead of merely explaining each section of the verbal SAT separately, this book presents 20 Reading and Vocabulary Units, each of which prepares students for the entire verbal SAT. The readings have been selected because of their excellence. Each selection is, in its own way, a literary classic. Because of the method of instruction, the high quality of the readings, and the difficulty level of the vocabulary, this book will aid students in developing basic English skills as well as helping improve their verbal SAT score.

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