Cybele, goddess of earth and rebirth

Let’s visit with one more goddess. Here is Cybele.

The introduction to this thorough and fascinating article describes her well:

Cybele (Greek Κυβέλη) was a Phrygian goddess originating in the mythology of ancient Anatolia, whose worship spread to the cities of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. She represented the Mother Earth and was worshiped as a goddess of fertility, nature, caverns, and mountains, as well as walls and fortresses. Like other ancient goddesses, such as Gaia (the “Earth”), she was known as potnia theron, referring to her ancient Neolithic roots as “Mistress of the Animals.”

The goddess was known among the Greeks as Meter (“Mother”) or Meter oreie (“Mountain-Mother”), possibly in connection to the myth that she was born on Mount Ida in Anatolia. Her Roman equivalent was Magna Mater, or “Great Mother.” Additionally, she was worshiped as a deity of rebirth in connection with her consort (and son), Attis.

Cybele was a pivotal influence on The Healer’s Daughters. She is included in the itinerary for a proposed Goddess Tour to Turkey; read the article for an idea of how present goddesses are in Turkish culture.

Above artwork is by Amanda Lindupp. You can see more at her Etsy shop.

Hygieia, goddess of health, cleanliness, and hygiene

Here is a lovely pen-and-ink drawing of Hygieia. She is the goddess of health, cleanliness and hygiene and one of the daughters of Aesklepios, god of medicine. You can learn more about her on Wikipedia.

This artwork is courtesy Barashkova Natalia and can be found on Shutterstock. I considered it for the cover of The Healer’s Daughters.

Looking to connect with local book clubs

Photo courtesy of Rhonda Holcomb, The Glencoe Anchor.

One of my favorite ways to respond to readers is by meeting with book clubs. I have three scheduled soon (one this Wednesday), and I’m eager to discover more. Do you know any book clubs looking to chat with a local author? Please let me know.

Reading at the Glencoe Public Library

Glencoe Public Library

On Tuesday, January 14, I will be reading at the Glencoe Public Library. Copies of The Healer’s Daughters will be available. The event begins at 7:30 pm; more information can be found here. I hope to see you there.

After Hours with Rick Kogan

This Sunday, January 12, I will be appearing live on After Hours with Rick Kogan, WGN Radio 720. More information can be found here. I hope you’ll listen in.

Here is the direct link to the interview.

Spotlight on Gotta Write Network

The Healer’s Daughters was recently featured on Gotta Write Network. Thanks to Denise Fleischer for the spotlight.

Remember, this Saturday, December 7, I’ll be signing books at the Glenbrook South High School Holiday Bazaar. Many great vendors will be in attendance; check out the Facebook page for more information.

Article in Journal & Topics Media

The Healer’s Daughters received a nice write-up in Journal & Topics Media. The article also mentions my appearance at the upcoming Glenbrook South Holiday Bazaar. More details coming soon.

Local Authors’ Book Festival, November 23

This Saturday, November 23, I will be selling and signing books at the Highland Park Public Library. Thank you to East on Central for co-sponsoring this Local Authors’ Book Festival.

If you’d like your copy of The Healer’s Daughters autographed, or if you’re looking for more great holiday gifts, come by the library from 1–4 p.m. Details can be found here.