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The Healer's Daughters by Jay Amberg. Cover photography by Yakira_photo, Shutterstock.THE HEALER’S DAUGHTERS
Now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Amika Press.

“Keep[s] readers on their toes. An exceptional thriller that proves hard to put down.”
—Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

A terrorist bombing in Bergama, Turkey kills twenty-three people including three children. Modern Bergama is built on the site of ancient Pergamon, a city whose art and wealth and culture rivaled Athens. It was also the home of the Aesklepion, the world’s greatest healing center, and the birthplace of Galen, the Roman Empire’s most famous doctor.

Tuğçe Iskan, a Turkish Ministry investigator, finds evidence that links the terrorism to a powerful criminal family and to Galen’s life and Pergamon’s lost treasures. But Iskan is alone, an outcast in the Ministry because she is honest, diligent, and a woman.

As Iskan delves more deeply into the heinous attack, she needs allies outside the Ministry. She must turn to Özlem Boroğlu, a local archeologist, and Boroğlu’s daughter Elif, an artist with an affinity for ancient Aegean goddesses. Can these three women defeat ISIL terrorists, criminal oligarchs, and corrupt officials? Can they even survive?

Praise foTHE HEALER’S DAUGHTERS. Read more at Amazon, Goodreads or Amika Press.

“Superb, strong and focused… Cleverly woven… Complex family dynamics… Brilliant twists… Recommend it to anyone who loves a gritty, powerful story.” —Lesley Jones, Readers’ Favorite

“Amberg…shines at creating distinctive characters. Elif and others, for example, conduct a ritual to remember lost lives, which is a striking contrast to others who use the ‘Bergama Bombing’ to boost their political careers. Moreover, Amberg deftly shows how viewing unfamiliar cultures as exotic can be insensitive; Özlem confronts a crass British photographer who thinks nothing of snapping pictures of praying mourners… A large, memorable cast augments this dramatic mystery/thriller.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A superb, thrilling work of historical fiction with believable characters and a captivating plot. Full of Turkish traditions, Amberg invites readers to immerse themselves in the country’s culture and customs…[the] complex and layered plot—delicately laced with mystery—keeps readers engaged, eager to learn what happens next, and the illustrations which appear throughout the book provide helpful glimpses into Bergama and the ancient sites…a uniquely gripping story that will appeal to everyone from history enthusiasts to fans of mysteries and political thrillers.” —Red City Review

“Truly showcased Amberg’s talent of getting into the mind of his characters and creating strong empathy among his readers.… A spellbinding story that will have readers on a rollercoaster of emotion as they follow the many characters through terrorist attacks and treasure hunts. If you like suspense mixed with historical fiction and topped with some action and adventure, then I highly recommend this book.” —Starza Thompson, Windy City Reviews

“Turkey is one of my favorite countries, and I found myself searching the internet to see images of the ancient city of Pergamon. I devoured the historical and cultural aspects of the story.… Terrorism, antiquities, power, goddesses, brutality, corruption, revenge…survival is uncertain. I found myself holding my breath, awaiting the outcome. Amberg created characters that, good or bad, evoke an emotion from the reader. Complicated family relationships. Anger, heartbreak…both emotions hit me time and time again. Superb writing.” —Betty Taylor, Reading is My Passion

“The main characters and their heart and strength pull you into the story and keep you interested through the twists and turns and the suspense.” —GranthamLynn, My Reading Journeys

“Following the past of the artifacts and people just trying to survive kept me engrossed with the story. There are several threads that wrap around and around until you can see that one or two threads keep them entwined. This is a wonderful read and one I recommend to anyone that likes a great thriller with a history twist added in.” —JBronderBookReviews

“I loved the characters and the realistic glimpses into their fictional world. Readers and fans of political thrillers and historical fiction will find a lot to love in this novel. The author weaves cultures, lives, families, and an assortment of motives into a well crafted mystery/thriller.” —Angela Thompson, Book Corner News & Reviews

“Steep in tradition and wonderful written. This thriller has me on the edge of my seat and turning pages as fast as they would go.” —Destiny, A Fountain of Books

“Amberg obviously has a great love for Turkey and Turkish culture. I appreciated the authenticity of minor details throughout the story such as the social rituals of serving tea and the importance of a shared cigarette break!… A more gripping tale for its believability and I liked Amberg took the trouble to show the longterm pain and anguish of people directly affected by terrorist attacks. The Healer’s Daughters has an emotional depth that appealed to me as a reader because I could empathise strongly with characters such as Elif, Özlem and Tuğçe.” —Stephanie Jane, Literary Flits

“The Healer’s Daughters…is full of stay on the edge of your seat action, non stop adventure, unpredictable mystery and heart stopping suspense. I admired the main characters…these three women are so brave and courageous.… I would have never guessed at how it all ended.… A well deserved five plus stars from me. I would give it one hundred stars if I could.” —Amybooksy, Locks, Hooks and Books

“This is an entertaining story about…corruption, greed and power mongers. However, it is, also, an account of the good in most people, and family.… Intriguing and culturally descriptive. The author’s research is impressive.” —LAWonder10, Rockin’ Book Reviews

“I have never read a book like this before and it kept me engaged throughout… I loved how we had glimpses of the past that connected to the present and even had meaning and guidance for our future. It is a truly special novel.” —CVEGNAD, Working Mommy Journal

“A complex and gripping novel. Tying together ancient cultural beliefs, insightful flashbacks, mystical practices, and enough treasure-hunting to satisfy a Clive Cussler fan, this tangled tale is difficult to put down both for its originality and skillful storytelling. The Healer’s Daughters is unpredictable throughout, as are the core characters, making this book a genuinely innovative pleasure that will appeal to a wide breadth of genre fans.” —Self-Publishing Review

“More powerful than the largest bomb going off.… The ending is shocking…highly charged, electrifying.” —Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

“All the elements [of] a compelling thriller—international terrorism; a greedy, powerful and ruthless criminal family; a group of inept, corrupt and ‘bought’ government officials; a secret, elite, and clean anti-terror department of the said, corrupt government; and a principled, high-minded academic who will stop at nothing to ensure her country’s past and valuable heritage is preserved for the ages.” —Grant Leishman, Readers’ Favorite

“Drama, pressure, and tensions mount in a plot with great descriptive writing and scene setting.… A glimpse into different cultures, beliefs, and economies [and an] adventure filled with fear, danger, and discovery.” —K.J. Simmill, Readers’ Favorite

Praise for Jay Amberg’s novels

“Fast-paced thriller that follows in the footsteps of The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones.” —Kirkus Reviews, for Bone Box

“Eloquent… An inspiring call to action…” —Kirkus Reviews, for Cycle

“A taut thriller that will…elate readers. Brilliant.” —Midwest Book Review, for Blackbird Singing

“Among the elite of this country’s suspense-adventure authors.” —Clive Cussler, for Deep Gold

8 thoughts on “New from Jay Amberg

      • Hola, Finished your novel reading every page with interest. The subject was I thought pretty unique, the intrigue kept momentum intense – difficult to do with the archeological theme – and well worth the read. Your use of detail to develop the characters was refreshing – a story about friendship and the growing trust between two main characters. But each character was so carefully fleshed out, people you encounter at the local deli perhaps. The description of Turkey with the ancient reminders of culture that emerged from the Middle East to be presently surrounded by contemporary people, light, trees, sky and water was so well developed I seemed to have experienced the place first hand. Bravo!

        Good luck with new work. Hope to see you on your next visit to Guanajuato.


  1. Dear Jay,
    I have had a kindle since the first version and now read on version #6 That spans a good number of years and many, many books.

    This is the first time I have emailed an author, but I felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed your book and how much sleep I lost by not putting it down at night, I pride myself and take it as a challenge to anticipate where an author is going with the story line. You stayed ahead of me as the the plot developed and stayed ahead until the last lines of the last page.

    Thank you for a great read. Now I will take a nap to try to make up for the lost sleep!



      • Dear Jay,
        I admire your courage in working in a part of the world that seems to be increasingly unstable. There are headlines here describing another serious terrorest bombing in Turkey.
        We will pray for your safety.



  2. Hi Jay,

    Hope you are healthy & well. I just wanted to thank you again for your novel, The Healer’s Daughter. Just finished it and enjoyed it while trying to keep myself busy during these trying times. Thank you for entertaining me with your novel – hope to see this one on the big screen since it has the makings of a great thriller!

    Muchas gracias!!!

    Marta Krug


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